Build Your Own Rain Garden

A Rain Garden is a shallow depression in your yard that is planted with native wetland or wet prairie wildflowers and grasses. A rain garden is designed to naturally collect water that runs off from your roof or is discharged from your sump pump. Rain Gardens are gaining in popularity because they are low-maintenance and attract birds and butterflies while making good use of stormwater runoff.

Learn to build your own rain garden

City of St. Charles Grass and Flower Seed Mix

In spring of 2017, the City of Saint Charles provided over 1000 seed packets to City residents. Beginning in March 2018, the City of Saint Charles Department of Engineering will once again provide (1) free packet of rain garden flower seeds to City residents. These seeds should to be planted in a low-lying area, which tends to stay damp throughout the growing season. The species in this mix will tolerate periodic flooding, as well as dry periods between rainstorms. Once established, these flowers are an excellent way for City residents to improve stormwater quality with native vegetation. This mix is not recommended for dry, sandy soils that drain rapidly and do not retain moisture. This mix is not meant to be planted in flower pots.

Please call the Public Works Department for where to pick up Rain Garden seeds. 

Build Your Own Rain Garden

Rain Garden Information

Planting Recommendations

Remove all existing growth, scatter seed evenly and compress into the soil. Do not cover. Fertilizers, and/or lime are unnecessary, as wildflowers are adaptable. Keep area moist until seedlings are 6-8" high; after flowers have been established, they require minimal care. Plant seeds in spring months (March – May) after the danger of frost.