South Duchesne On Street Parking

South Duchesne Drive is 30 foot wide with (2) 15 foot travel lanes and sidewalks on both sides. Today, on street parking is allowed on South Duchesne Drive between Droste Rd & Elm St. The 15 foot travel lane becomes constricted when navigating around parked vehicles and can result in encroaching the center line. Drivers have been known to park on the sidewalk or the green-space between the sidewalk and the roadway. This type of parking can cause pedestrian safety and maintenance issues.

In order to improve safe travel and reduce pedestrian and maintenance issues, the City of St. Charles, is proposing not to allow street parking on South Duchesne Dr. between Droste Rd. and Elm St.

The Department of Engineering created an online survey to gather comments from property owners on this proposal. A hard-copy of the survey was also made available to property owners by calling the Department of Engineering. The survey was closed on Wednesday, February 1, 2017. The link below is a summary of the responses received online and via hard copy. These responses will be presented to the Ward's Councilmember.

Survey Results (PDF)