2017 City of St. Charles Road Show

In January, the Department of Engineering held (3) Open House meetings to discuss various projects with residents and businesses. The Open House format of these meetings provided those attending the opportunity to speak with City Engineering staff one-on-one about upcoming projects, plans and concepts.

Each meeting consisted of 7 unique stations where guests were encouraged to questions, about specific projects. The Open House format allowed guests the opportunity to come and go throughout the four-hour event.

The projects featured included:

  1. Truman Road Reconstruction Phase I
  2. First Capitol Drive Enhancement Project
  3. Droste Road Reconstruction
  4. St. Charles County I-70 Outer Road Concept
  5. Long-Range Transportation Plan
  6. 370 Pedestrian Bridge
  7. Second Street Watermain

The Open Houses were scheduled from 3:00 – 7:00pm at the following locations:

  1. Tuesday, January 24, 2017 at the St. Charles Police Station - 1781 Zumbehl Rd
  2. Wednesday, January 25, 2017 at City Hall in Council Chambers - 200 North Second Street
  3. Tuesday, January 31, 2017 at First Station #4 3201 Boschertown Road

Your input is important to City of St. Charles and the Department of Engineering. A survey was distributed and promoted during the Road Show events. The survey allowed guests an opportunity to share their feedback on future City projects and communication. Review the survey results:
Question 1 - Please rank the features that are most important to you on City construction projects (PDF)
Question 2 - Do you support improving I-70 in the City of St. Charles (PDF)
Question 3 - How often should the Long Range Plans be presented to the public (PDF)
Question 4 - The City of St. Charles uses multiple mediums to communicate with residents and businesses. Please check the boxes for the communication that you find most useful. (PDF)

The survey also provided space for comments and questions. Over the next month, the Department of Engineering will be addressing these comments and questions and posting responses to this page.
Questions - Week One (PDF)
Questions - Week Two (PDF)
Questions - Week Three (PDF)
Questions - Week Four (PDF)

Road Show Invitation