Envision Interstate 70

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), in collaboration with their regional planning partners, East-West Gateway Council of Governments (EWGCOG) and Metro, has embarked on a unique endeavor to develop a transportation vision of the Interstate 70 corridor. The study area is from just west of the I-70/I-64 interchange in Wentzville and continues through the City of Saint Charles to the New Mississippi River Bridge complex in downtown St. Louis City. The study area along Interstate 70 is densely developed with a mix of residential, commercial and industrial land uses. The study is being managed by MoDOT, and is being closely coordinated with EWGCOG and Metro to draw on past regional transportation plans.

MoDOT, East-West Gateway Council of Governments (EWGCOG), Metro and the City of Saint Charles values your input and appreciates your participation during this high-level study. A public meeting was held to discuss Envision I-70 on March 30, 2017. During this meeting stakeholders learned about the study, and shared ideas for the Interstate 70 corridor.

In recent years, the region has undertaken a variety of transportation studies within the Interstate 70 corridor to review specific modes (freight, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), highway). None of these, however, have focused on developing a comprehensive multi-modal vision for one corridor like Interstate 70. As the region looks toward the future, there is increasing focus on sustainable mobility, economic competitiveness, and the relationships between community characters, and transportation along the corridor.

Interstate 70 is critical to the region's transportation network. MoDOT, Metro and the East-West Gateway Council of Governments have initiated this study, which will develop a strategic plan for the future and they want your input. For more information on the study or to take the MoDOT survey, visit the Envision I-70 Website.

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