2016 Bridge and Culvert Maintenance - 16STR20

Construction Ward - 6

Contractor - Concrete Strategies Inc.

Project Description

Annual maintenance project for bridges and culverts.

Project Location

This project will include maintenance repairs to the concrete box culvert on Elm Point Industrial and the metal culvert beneath Zumbehl Rd.

Contact Information

Marty Aubuchon
Project Manager

Current Project Activities

  • Elm Point Industrial Culvert Repairs
    • Crews repaired the top slab of the concrete box culvert
    • Anchored the guard rail base
    • Sealed the concrete surface
  • Zumbehl Road Metal Culvert Repairs
    • Metal Culvert had rust, deterioration and section loss in the metal
    • Culvert was rated structurally deficient per the MoDOT Inspection reports.
    • The metal culvert also physically moved and separated after the bid opening.
    • Crewed installed a reinforced concrete liner in the bottom of the existing corrugated metal culvert
    • Work was completed the week of April 24, 2017