2017 Annual Asphalt and Concrete Maintenance

A 2016 analysis concluded, that based on historical spending levels, and the methods being utilized, a City road would be touched once in a 33 year period. Since the average life of a road surface is 20 – 25 years, the historical approach was not sustainable. In late 2016, the Department of Engineering developed a new pavement plan and approach which included 3 different thicknesses of asphalt overlays (¾" , 1" & 2") and a road preservation treatment called High Density Mineral Bond (HDMB). In 2017, the City awarded $1.873 million in contracts to perform HDMB preservation and for 363,077 square yards of asphalt overlays. Where HDMB was applied and what surfaces would receive an overlay, varied based on inspection conditions of the roadways being addressed. Since implementing this new plan, the City is averaging $5.16 per square yard for asphalt repairs, versus $15.20 per square yard in 2016.

The City of Saint Charles awarded contracts to Pace Construction, Andale Construction and Sweetens Concrete Services to perform street resurfacing, sidewalk, curb and concrete repairs over this construction season.

Crack Seal

Sweetens will begin sealing and filling cracks in designated areas in late Spring 2017. Cracks will be sealed to prevent the intrusion of water and other materials into the surface and to reinforce the adjacent pavement.

High Density Mineral Bond

HDMB was developed to meet the demand for effective asphalt preservation on residential roadways without the negative side effects of chip or slurry seals. HDMB was specifically engineered to preserve the native asphalt binder. Effectively preserving the asphalt binder before oxidative damage occurs is recognized as the most cost-effective strategy for managing asphalt pavement. When the application is complete, HMDB will help extend the life of our asphalt roads. Andale Construction will begin applying High Density Mineral Bond (HDMB) to various area streets the week of June 5th.

NovaChip, Thinlay and Mill 

Milling removes anywhere from just enough pavement thickness to level and smooth to a full depth removal and replacement.

  • Pace Construction will complete these tasks in designated areas of Saint Charles

NovaChip®/UltraWear™ is a preventative maintenance tool used to help extend the life of a road by placing a thin open graded hot mix asphalt over polymer modified asphalt emulsion through a special, self-priming paver. NovaChip is a 3/4" thick overlay.

Thinlay asphalt successfully extends the life of structurally sound pavements. Thinlay asphalt can be 5 ⁄8 inch or greater depending on surface conditions.

2" Overlay

Milling and overlaying a street is can be up to five times more expensive than the other options listed above. This type of construction is however about five to ten times less costly than complete reconstruction.

Concrete Maintenance and Slab Replacement

M&H Concrete Contractors completed their 2017 contract in late July. This year, M&H replaced 19,953.20 square yards of concrete and saved taxpayers about $.69 per square yard compared to last year.