Utilities Division

The Utilities Division is comprised of Water/Sewer Crews, Wastewater Contractor, and Stormwater Management. The Utilities Division operates and maintains the city’s treatment plants, pump stations, water tanks, storm and sanitary sewer lines, fire hydrants, water mains and water meters. Their responsibilities include:

Wastewater Treatment:

Woodard and Curran (W&C):
Responsible for the operation and maintenance of our two sanitary sewer treatment plants and twenty-two lift stations.W&C is also responsible for the oversight of the City’s Industrial Pretreatment Program. ​W&C is also responsible for the FOG Program. ​

Water Production:

Elm Point Treatment Plant:
​​The Elm Point Treatment Plant is responsible for producing about 40% of the drinking water produced and distributed to the City of Saint Charles.

Heritage Pump Station:
​About 60% of the City of Saint Charles drinking water is purchased in a retail agreement with the City of Saint Louis.



Water Taps:
The Utilities Division is responsible for tapping water mains for new services.


Water Mains:
The Utilities Division is responsible for repairs done on water mains.

Sewer Lines:
The Utilities Division is responsible for repairs done on sanitary and storm sewer mains.

Pump and Lift Stations:
Woodard & Curran is responsible for the repairs done on City owned pump and lift stations.

Water Plants:
The Utilities Division is responsible for staffing the water plant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Routine Maintenance:

Water Hydrants:
The Utilities Division is responsible for color coding, flow testing, and maintenance of City fire hydrants.

Water Valves:
The Utilities Division is responsible for operating the valve exercising program.

CCTV Inspection:​​
The Utilities Division is responsible for CCTV inspections on the collections system.​

Hydro Flushing:
The Utilities Division is responsible for Hydro Flush cleaning the collections system.​​

Inspect Bridges, Culverts, and Street Inlets:
​​The Utilities Division also inspects and removes obstructions from drainage system prior to major storm events.​

Water Quality

The Utilities Division is charged with providing pure, safe drinking water to the public. The rules, regulations and guidelines followed are established and monitored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) and the Missouri Department of Health (MDOH). Annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily and hourly water samples are taken and are either sent in to any number of certified laboratories selected by the state, or are analyzed in the laboratory at the Elm Point Water Treatment Plant and Pumping Station. The Utilities Division is responsible for issuing the annual Water Quality Report.

Annual Water Quality Report - 2016.

Robert Fuerman

Utilities Superintendent

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