Residential Programs

Residential Sewer Lateral Repair

The Lateral Sewer Insurance Program began on January 1, 2003. Saint Charles homeowners have the benefit of an "insurance policy" on lateral sewers to their homes.

Residential Waterline Insurance Program

The Water Line Insurance Program began on January 1, 2014. Saint Charles homeowners have the benefit of an "insurance policy" on water service lines to their homes. 

Stream Bank Erosion Prevention 50/50 Cost Share Program

In accordance with the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Administrative Policy Guidelines, which are used to provide policy for the development of an orderly schedule of public improvements, non-essential projects initiated by citizens should be financed at least 50% through special taxing districts, special assessments or private funding where direct benefit to users result from construction of the project. 

Rock and Soil Program

This program will deliver rock and soil to the front or side property line, equal to one-half ton for each lineal foot of lot line along which erosion is prevalent. Delivery will only be made after the City receives a written statement from all adjoining property owners, including their street addresses, stating that they have no objections to the filling of eroded or subsided areas with the rock and soil.

Program Criteria

  •  Priority will be given to locations where material may be place without the necessity of grading preparatory work
  •  Material to be placed only on a slope of 2:1 or flatter
  •  Material will be delivered to the front curb of the property
  •  Property owner must place all delivered material in the area of erosion within 2 weeks of delivery
  •  Concurrence of adjoining property owners must be secured regarding the proposed creek bank work
  •  The maximum amount of delivered material shall be 0.5 tons per linear foot of lot line where erosion is prevalent
  •  Material shall be provided on a secondary priority in areas where grading is required to provide a 2:1 slope
  •  Material will not be provided for the repair of erosion which results from storm water runoff from private property

The City may contribute fifty percent of the cost to repair a defective sidewalk when a property owner requests the repair or the acceleration of a given sidewalk repair.  The property owner shall be responsible for payment of the other fifty percent of the sidewalk repair cost. A sidewalk shall be considered defective in only those situations where the sidewalk contains deficiencies identified in the Public Works Department Street Maintenance Policies and Procedures Manual. A sidewalk containing only aesthetic deficiencies shall not be considered a defective sidewalk. 

50/50 Tree Trimming & Removal Program

The City of Saint Charles will pay fifty percent (50%) of the costs of trimming or removing dangerous, dead or damaged trees located within City right-of-way. The remaining fifty percent (50%) of the costs must be paid by the landowners. The Director of Public Works or his/her designee will be the final judge as to whether the tree needs to be trimmed or removed. Trees will be trimmed or removed on a first-come, first-served basis, except where the costs may be reduced by trimming or removing multiple trees in one (1) area. The City’s total share of the Cost-Sharing Tree Removal and Tree-Trimming Program shall not exceed amounts budgeted for the purpose.

Backflow Prevention

The City of Saint Charles strives to provide you with safe and reliable drinking water. This effort begins with protecting supply sources and continues through the entire distribution process until the water reaches your service line. The prevention of backflow into the public water supply is an integral part of ensuring safe drinking water.  Backflow devices are required to be tested annually. Failure to have backflow devices checked annually could result in water service interruption for the customer.