Boschert Creek Levee Study

Ward - 8

Project Description

This project will study the Boschert Creek levee adjacent to Charlestowne. This study will help the City determine if flood protection is provided by the existing levee. This project will also determine if improvements to the levee are needed to bring it up to Army Corps of Engineers certification standard.

Project Location

Boschert Creek at Charlestowne

Contact Information

John Boyer
Floodplain Manager

Current Project Activities

This project is now being managed by the floodplain Manager in Department of Community Development. Please call 636-949-3222 or email for additional information.

The agricultural levee adjacent to Boschert Creek between Boschertown Road and New Town Blvd. was de-certified in 2009. Until this time, it was shown on the effective Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) as providing protection to the adjoining properties. When the FIRM was revised in 2010 and the preliminary DFIRM published, it showed parts of Charlestowne and the commercial area south of the creek in the floodplain.

FEMA is now proceeding with the Final Levee Analysis and Mapping Procedure (LAMP), which will determine the flood risk and generate the DFIRM for the secluded area. It is anticipated that 853 residences and 74 commercial properties will be mapped into the flood hazard area and be required to obtain flood insurance.

The Department of Engineering meet with property owners regarding the Boschert Creek Levee Study in 2017 and 2018. The following presentations were given during the meeting:
Boschert Creek Presentation (PDF)
October Boschert Creek Presentation (PDF)

Additional Information

1996 Flood Map Section 1 (PDF)

1996 Flood Map Section 2 (PDF)

2012 Flood Map Section 1 (PDF)

2012 Flood Map section 2 (PDF)

FEMA Lamp Map (PDF)

Seclusion Area Boschert Creek (PDF)

February 2017 Boschert Creek Levee Evaluation Report (PDF)

FEMA Analysis Maps October 2017 (PDF)


Saint Charles Work Map, Page 1 of 2 (PDF)

Saint Charles Work Map, Page 2 of 2 (PDF)

LIDAR Below FEMA2 Layout Map 1 (PDF)


Have you attended one of the presentations and still have questions or concerns? Please email the Floodplain Manager, John Boyer or call 636-949-3222 with your questions.