Boschert at Indian Hills / Cole Creek at Foxglove - 16STM10 

Construction Ward - 4

Contractor - JTL Landscaping LLC

Project Description

Bank stabilization of Cole and Boschert Creeks. 

Project Location

Cole Creek from Fox Glove Drive to 2216 Graystone Drive, and Boschert Creek from 1008 Indian Hills Drive to Duquette Drive.

Contact Information

Coralie Steuber
Project Manager

Current Project Activities

  • Project Charter was prepared and approved in July 2017
    • Contract was awarded to Intuition & Logic
  • Survey work was completed in January 2017
  • Utility Coordination was complete in June 2017
  • Right-of-Way was acquired in April 2018
  • Bidding was complete in April 2018. Low bidder was JTL Landscaping
  • Buildings on the following properties will be removed for this project:
    • 2236 Graystone Dr.
    • 2232 Graystone Dr. 
    • 3165 Duquette Dr.

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