Boschertown Road at Fox Hill Signalization - 17STR16

Construction Ward - 1

Contract awarded to: Meyer Electric

Project Description

Project will provide a new traffic signal at the intersection of Boschertown Road and Fox Hill Road / Charlestowne Village Drive.

Project Location

Boschertown Road and Fox Hill Road / Charlestowne Village Drive.

Contact Information

Todd Strong
Project Manager

Current Project Activities

  • Project Charter prepared in March 2017
  • Design contract was awarded to Lochmueller Group
  • Survey was approved in September 2017
  • Preliminary Plans were approved in December 2017
  • Utility relocations were complete in December 2018
  • Temporary signing was installed the week of March 31, 2019
  • All utilities were located and marked the week of March 31, 2019
  • Pavement repair, curb & gutter, and new ADA sidewalk work is complete.
  • Grading/backfilling behind curbs and along sidewalks is complete
  • Sod laying completed at all disturbed areas
  • Placed all new pavement markings
  • Installed flashing beacons at Cottonwood Drive crosswalk
  • Fencing installed at the SE corner of Fox Hill and Boschertown Road
  • Signal post, light poles, and mast arms have been delivered and installation should begin the week of July 22
  • All work was completed, and substantial completion made on September 25
  • Signals are currently in the 30 day System Operations Testing period.

Project Timeline

fox hill timeline

Project Progress

fox hill progress