Seventh Street to Boone's Lick Stormwater Upgrade

Impacted Ward: 2
Contractor: JTL Landscaping, LLC.

Project Description

Beginning in the 1940’s, a northern branch of Blanchette Creek was incrementally rerouted from its natural streambed into an assortment of culverts & tunnels. This branch of Blanchette Creek has a catchment area extending northwest from the intersection of Boone’s Lick Road & Fifth Street to the Lindenwood University Campus; in total, around 170 acres of residential, commercial, church, and university owned parcels drain through this network of tunnels & pipes.

The existing pipes and box culverts do not adequately convey storm water flows, and cause frequent flooding to homes along the storm sewers route between Perry Street & Fifth Street. Additionally, significant portions of the conveyance system are beginning to deteriorate and are structurally deficient. Of note, the existing system passes under or near several homes and may not be located within its dedicated easement in several locations. The selected design consultant will be responsible for determining the pipe sizes, inlet spacing, routing, and final design of the stormwater conveyance system. Design will also include utility coordination, impacted sanitary or waterline design, and an alternatives analysis that could include a combination of up-sizing the existing system, rerouting part of the flow, detention, and property acquisitions.

Virtual Road Show

With the passage of the Proposition P in 2016, several stormwater projects were prioritized across the City. The 7th to Boone’s Lick Storm Sewer project is meant to address street and property flooding due to an undersized and substandard storm sewer system in that area. 

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Project Location

Project Map

Contact Information

Jonathan Swagman
Project Manager

Project Activities

  • Expression of Interest (EOI) received from 15 firms in early September 2017. HR Green was selected as the Design Engineering firm and the final design plans were approved in December 2018.
  • Easement acquisitions were completed December 2019
  • Construction crews have begun digging out the area and installing brand new drainage structures along the south side of Schaeffer Place. As of July 13th, they’ve begun installing new storm sewers along the west side of 7th Street from McDonough up to Perry. 
  • Crews have also completed a portion of the pipe repair work downstream from the project to ensure that the storm water reaches the creek as intended.
  • As of April 2021, construction workers are currently prepping 7th Street from McDonough to Water for asphalt repairs. They will eventually prep Water Street to Perry and Schaefer Place. 

Public Outreach

Public Meetings for this project were held at Lincoln Elementary (625 South Sixth Street) on September 12, 2018 and November 29, 2018

First Public Meeting Materials (held on September 12, 2018)
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Second Public Meeting Materials (held on November 29, 2018)
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Existing Conditions
Meeting Handout
Project Survey Results - Survey closed on December 7, 2018. These results will be presented to City Council Members and the Board of Public Works

Condition Assessment Videos