Prongue Drive Relocation Project


Construction Ward - 5
Project Description

The intersection of Bogey Estates Drive and Muegge Road which is north of the Prongue Drive is unsignalized with Bogey Estates Drive stopping at Muegge Road. During the AM and PM rush hours, drivers exiting and entering out and in of Bogey Estates Drive onto Muegge Road have a difficult time finding adequate gaps in traffic. The project will relocate Prongue Drive (Wapelhorst Park Entrance) across from Bogey Estates Drive on Muegge Road. The intersection of the relocated Prongue Drive/Bogey Estates Drive and Muegge Road will be signalized with pedestrian crossings. The relocated Prongue Drive will have two 15 foot driving lanes divided by a lighted landscaped median strip. A 10 foot shared use path will be constructed parallel to Prongue Drive on the south side. A commercial entrance will be constructed connecting Prongue Drive and the existing Park’s maintenance facility. All work will occur on City and Park ROW with possibly Utility and Construction Easements.

Project Location

The intersection of Bogey Estates Drive and Muegge Road

Contact Information

Engineering Project Manager - Traffic
Matt Seggerman

Parks Department Project Manager
Chris Atkinson

Current Project Activities

  • Consultant Solicitation completed in March 2017
  • Design Notice to Proceed issued in May 2017
  • Concept Plan completed in June 2017
  • Public Meetings held in September 2017
  • On September 5, 2017 City Council did not approve this solution. The Department of Engineering will continue to evaluate safety solutions for this intersection

Supporting Documents

Muegge Signalization Presentation (PDF)
Overview Rendering (PDF)
Prongue Drive Before and After Rendering (PDF)
Westbound Rendering (PDF)
Sight Distance Comparison (PDF)