Elm & 370 Interchange Enhancements - 17STR28

Construction Ward - 8

Project Description

Industrial, residential, and park traffic combine to make Elm Street/New Town Boulevard at Highway 370 a major gateway for traffic attempting to access commercial and historical portions of the City. Just fewer than 20,000 vehicles pass through this area each day; with additional industrial & residential construction in progress, this nexus will likely continue to see increases in traffic.  Currently, the four quadrants of the interchange consist of overgrown turf, overgrown vegetation, and concrete & rip-rap lined drainage ditches. The project will include a fiscally responsible landscaping plan for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the interchange.

Project Location

Elm and 370

Contact Information

Todd Strong
Project Manager

Current Project Activities

  • Project Charter was approved in March 2017
  • Survey was approved in June 2017
  • Construction bids will be received through December 7, 2017
  • Notice to proceed was issued on March 19, 2018
  • Stormwater control pipes and fittings were delivered on April 19th. Installation began on April 20th
  • Installation of the stormwater control system was completed the week of May 7
  • Crews began installing the stone retaining wall in the NW quadrant the week of May 7

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Project Progress

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