Truman Road Reconstruction, Phase 2

Construction Ward - 6

Project Description

This project was been split into 2 phases.  Truman Road Reconstruction Phase 1 was from West Clay Street to Point West Blvd. Phase 2 is from Point West Blvd. to the south approach slab for the railroad bridge. This project will improve safety, ADA pedestrian and bicycle accessibility. The project will also replace pavement in poor condition. 

Contact Information

Dave Bauman
Project Manager

Current Project Activities

  • Truman Road will be restriped from Ehlmann Road to Point West Blvd. After the striping is complete, north and southbound traffic will be travelling on the current southbound lanes
  • Millstone Weber started to remove the existing pavement the week of March 25
  • The Sunbrook apartment entrance was poured the week of April 16th
  • The approach to Chemtron was complete the week of May 6th
  • Crews will begin paving operations on the northbound lanes of Truman the week of June 10th
  • The week of July 22, Millstone Weber worked on entrances at Phillips 66, the Surgery Center and No Leash Dog Grooming. Crews also worked on back stabilization at the creek crossing as well as excavating the existing southbound lanes
  • The week of August 12, Millstone Weber continued excavating the southbound lanes and placing rock base for the road. Crews also worked on stormwater improvements on the westside of Truman and began grading and placing rock base for the 10’ multi-use path
  • Stormwater collection upgrades were complete the week of August 26, 2018
  • The week of September 23, crews placed the base layers of asphalt for the southbound lanes
  • The southbound lane pavement was completed the week of September 30. These lanes will remain closed until the new multi-use path work is done
  • Southbound lanes were striped the week of October 21. one lane has been opened to traffic. The other southbound lane will remain closed until the multi-use path is complete
  • Guardrail installation was complete the week of October 21

Project Timeline

truman timeline

Project Progress

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Project Budget

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