Pike Street Study

The City of Saint Charles Department of Engineering has been contacted regarding traffic concerns on Pike Street in Ward 2. Engineering staff have been asked to review sight distances, possible new stops signs and changing Pike to a one-way operation.

As part of the one-way evaluation process, the Department of Engineering created an online survey to gather comments from area property owners. The survey closed at February 23, 2018.


The Saint Charles Police Department completed speed/stop sign enforcement for 5 days (01/29 - 02/02) in the area of Pike Street near the Post Office. During this operation, the following occurred:
Vehicles observed: 138
Violations: 1
Citations: 1

Sight Distances

Department of Engineering staff reviewed the sight distance at Pike and Forest in late January 2018. The existing conditions for eastbound Pike at Forest met the previously required 20' sight triangle. Since no improvements have occurred at the intersection of Pike and Forest, the 20' sight triangle requirements were used for analysis.

Stopping Distance

Vehicles traveling on level terrain at 25 mph, require a stopping distance of 155'. Even though the City does not require stopping sight distances be met, they are at this intersection.