West Sandfort & Truman Stormwater Improvements

Impacted Ward - 6

Construction Contract Awarded to: JTL Landscaping

Project Description

The West Branch of Sandfort Creek Bank Stabilization project provides stabilization along both sides of the creek for approximately 1,000 linear feet to protect existing buildings and infrastructure. The project is located along the West Branch of Sandfort Creek at Truman Boulevard and Franks Drive.  The project limits are between the stormwater discharge ditch from the thirty six inch  pipe at Truman Terrace Subdivision and the existing nine foot by 10 foot box culvert at Truman Boulevard.

Contact Information

Steve Dansberry
Project Manager

Project Activities

  • Project Charter was approved in November 2017
  • Survey was complete in April 2018
  • Preliminary plans were approved in June 2018
  • Bids for Construction are currently being accepted through January 17, 2019 - Bidding information
  • The work resumed on the project 8/23/2019. The contractor began to clear and re-establish the creek from all of the rain damage. Also, the contractor started banking along the slopes to place rock to help stabilize the slope and rock toe.