North Benton Avenue to North Main Storm Drainage

Impacted Ward - 1

Project Description

This purpose of the project is to improve stormwater drainage in the neighborhood of Benton Avenue near Mel Wetter Parkway down Barthel Avenue to Third Street, then east to the Missouri River outfall. This project also includes Transit Avenue from North Fifth Street down to Main Street.  The floodgate and outfall to the Missouri River will be replaced to serve these two storm sewer improvements.  Homes in this neighborhood are subject to flooding due to undersized or substandard storm sewers.

Contact Information

Kierstyn Lorince
Project Manager

Project Activities

  • Project Charter was approved in January 2018
  • Expressions of Interest were received from 17 engineering firms in February 2018
    • Horner & Shifrin was selected to perform engineering design services
  • Preliminary design plans were submitted April 2019
  • A public open house was held September 12, 2019.
  • Preliminary design plans were approved September 2019

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