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Public Works Division

Street, Traffic, and Fleet Crews within the Public Works Division are responsible for maintaining the city's streets, sidewalks, and fleet operations. These crews are responsible for maintaining about 460 miles of City right-of-way. This includes:


Pothole Repairs:

The Street Crew is responsible for pothole repairs on City Owned Streets.

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Asphalt/Brick/Concrete Street and Sidewalk Repair:

The Street Crew is responsible for repairing and replacing concrete curbs, gutters, slabs, and sidewalks.

Construction Pavement Program:

A large portion of pavement construction and maintenance performed on St. Charles's streets and sidewalks is contracted to private vendors and coordinated by Public Works and Engineering Departments. The Street Crews also participate in construction, maintenance, and the repair of city owned streets.

Routine Maintenance:

Street Sweeping Street Crews sweeps over 450 miles of street. Street Sweeping is done on a rotating schedule. Downtown streets are swept on a weekly basis.


Street Crews control weeds and grass on over 500 miles of City right-of-way. Spring and summer are peak mowing seasons.

Debris Removal:

The Street Crew is responsible for clearing trees or other debris that falls into the roadways as a result of severe weather such as a tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, ice or heavy winds.

Traffic Maintenance

Street Signs:
Street Crew repairs and replaces city signs that are missing or damaged. Residential street signs are produced on site.

Traffic Signals:
The Street Crew is responsible for installing and maintaining city traffic signals. The Street Division is also responsible repairing and replacing traffic signals on City streets.

Snow and Ice Operations

Priority 1 – Arterials – High volume streets or thoroughfares that connect major sections of the City and provide access for emergency fire, police and medical services.

Priority 2 – Collectors – Major collector thoroughfares or main subdivision collector streets that provide access to arterial routes.

Priority 3 – Residential Streets – Low volume residential streets.

More Information on Snow and Ice Operations

The Public Works Division is also responsible for maintaining the vehicles and equipment assigned to Public Works and Community Development. The Public Works Division also operates the Main Street Beautification Project, Adopt-A-Roadway Program, and the St. Charles Area Transit System (SCAT).

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