Saint Charles Area Transit System

The Saint Charles Area Transit system, otherwise known as SCAT, consists of 5 bus routes that provide transportation to various locations within the City of Saint Charles as well as to the Metrolink North Hanley Station. All buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts. Contact SCAT at 636-949-3364.

SCAT Fares

SCAT Pricing

Route Scheduling

All routes run Monday through Friday. Please allow 5-10 minutes leeway for each time listed. The routes and schedules are subject to change.

​The Foundry Art Centre serves as the hub for the system. The fixed / deviation routes (Red, Orange, Blue, Green) allow for each bus to deviate 3 blocks off of its assigned route to either pick up or drop off riders. There must be ample clearances and traffic through ways in order for the bus to do off the route deviations. Anyone wishing to be picked up or dropped off of a fixed / deviation route must notify the city 24 hours in advance by calling 636-949-3364. No exceptions will be made.

​MO RIDES Transportation Information

​MO RIDES is a transportation referral service recently established to provide free assistance in helping people find the most affordable public transportation options to meet their individual needs.

MO RIDES can especially benefit senior citizens, individuals with disabilities and those with low-to-moderate incomes by helping them locate a transportation company that will get them to job interviews, work, medical appointments and other places in and around St. Charles County.

​Contact MO RIDES between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, for a referral to a transportation company. Many of the companies operate 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. There is no fee to call MO RIDES for assistance, and you pay the transportation company of your choice once a ride is scheduled.

​For more information, call 636-359-4656.