Prosecuting Attorney


The Prosecuting Attorney's office represents the City of Saint Charles in prosecuting violations of City ordinances.  The ordinance violations can range from routine traffic offenses to DWI citations.  The Prosecuting Attorney also enforces the City's building code and animal control ordinances.  The Prosecuting Attorney's Office is committed to providing a forum for a fair and impartial process for persons accused of violating a City of Saint Charles ordinance.

Important Information

  • Payment Information: payments can be made by cash, money order payable to "THE CITY OF ST. CHARLES"; or credit or debit cards. Mail in the recommendation form with payment, or you may pay online at: City of St. Charles Online Payments, or By phone toll-free at: 1-855-897-1086 or the defendant needs to appear in court to set up a payment plan, brought to court on the date provided on the recommendation.
  • Procedures and Practices (PDF)
  • Public Records Request