Proposition R

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When City voters go to the polls on April 6, they'll have the opportunity to vote on Proposition R, which would support the City of Saint Charles Police and Fire Departments with needed facility upgrades and repairs.  

Prop R is a NO TAX INCREASE General Obligation Bond issue.  
 A General Obligation bond is long-term borrowing tool (typically 20 years) in which a municipality pledges its full faith and credit (taxing power) to repay the debt over a specified term. Generally, G.O. bonds are the least costly financing option available to the town for potential bond projects being considered. 

If passed, fund for Prop R will be utilized to upgrade aging fire facilities, as well as the Police Department.  Some of the items that will be addressed include:

At Fire Facilities: 

• Many facilities are not ADA compliant, with no access to the upstairs other than stairs

• Leaking roof at Station 1

• Many bathrooms facilities  have not been update since the stations were built, and have faulty plumbing.  In addition, many do not have appropriate facilities for both male and female firefighters. 

• Kitchen facilities are not updated; many have broken cabinets and plumbing issues

• Open bunk hall, privacy issues for men/women working together

• In some stations, the living quarters are above the engine bay, which allows the carcinogens from gear and equipment to reach that area, and  can potentially cause harm to the  firefighters

• Poor efficiency/no energy savings in structure or appliances

At Police Facility:

• Our Police facility requires additional evidence storage space to meet legal obligations.

• The building also requires repairs to address the security and integrity of the aging building.

• Dispatch area is in need of updating and additional space for growing department.

• Current facility does not provide for growth of department.

Have more questions, please check this page regularly as we will be adding videos showing the facilities in the coming weeks. 

Take a Virtual Tour of Fire Station #1, #3 and #5 to see some of the upgrades and renovations that are needed.  Click the videos below.   Continue to watch this webpage for virtual tours of our other facilities.