Commendations and Complaints

Citizen communications regarding the performance of our personnel are always welcomed by the St. Charles Police Department. We are always pleased when we are told that a Department employee's performance was outstanding, and we need to know when an employee did not meet your expectations.

ALL COMMENDATIONS ARE REVIEWED. Recommendations will then be made to the Chief of Police for recognition.

ALL COMPLAINTS ARE INVESTIGATED to the extent allowed by available information. Follow up investigation may require a Supervisor or the Office of Professional Standards to contact you. Complaints of a minor nature are normally investigated at the level of the employee’s first or second line Supervisor. The Office of Professional Standards investigates complaints of a more serious nature. The complainant, witnesses, and the employee will be interviewed and may be required to submit to a polygraph examination before the investigation progresses. The results of the investigation are then forwarded to the Chief of Police. If the complaint is sustained, the Chief will, in some manner ranging from retraining to dismissal, discipline the employee.  

If the investigation reveals the complaint was made maliciously, in bad faith, or with the knowledge that the accusation was false, steps shall be taken, whenever appropriate, to prosecute the complainant for making a false police report.  Department employees may also seek redress, through the civil courts, to allegations that the complainant knows to be false, malicious or contrived.

Commendations or Complaints may be registered in person at the Police Department (1781 Zumbehl Road, St. Charles, MO 63303), by telephone (636-949-3300).

You may also submit them online utilizing the following form or download the following printable form and mail it in or drop it off at the address noted above.