Building Division

The Building Division safeguards the health, safety and welfare of residents, workers and visitors to the City of Saint Charles through effective administration and enforcement of building codes and ordinances adopted by the City. The Building Division also provides field inspections, accurate and timely plan review and permit issuance and public services related to new and existing construction.

If at any time you need personal assistance with any Building Division information, you may contact the City Building Commissioner or an inspector by calling the Community Development Department at (636)949-3222.

Project Examples that Generally DO require permits include:

•    All new construction of residential and commercial structures
•    Decks, additions, solar panels, remodels, patio covers, garages/ gazebos
•    Sheds greater than 144 square feet in size
•    Basement finishing
•    Any electrical re-wiring or plumbing changes made in a home or addition
•    Changes in electrical service or service upgrade
•    Changes in building use, such as changing a residence to a business office
•    Fences over six feet in height
•    Installation of in-ground or above-ground swimming pools or hot tubs
•    Replacing an air conditioning and/or heating unit
•    Replacing a water heater
•    Installing a retaining wall over 4 feet high
•    Replacement or repair of sewer laterals or water service piping

Generally, projects that DO NOT require permits include:

•    New floor coverings
•    Painting, wallpapering and plastering
•    Replacing a light fixture or faucet
•    Replacing roof shingles
•    Replacing the siding of a home
•    Utility sheds less than 144 square feet without electric. There are requirements for the placement of the shed.  Contact the Planning and Zoning Division at 636-949-3222 for setbacks and various regulations.

Additional Tasks of the Building Division:

•   Review Plans/Issue permits for structures, fire alarms, fire sprinklers, signs, etc.
•   Building Inspections
•   Rental Dwelling Inspection Program

To Schedule An Inspection:   Call 636-949-3227