Rock and Soil Program

Program Criteria
  •  Priority will be given to locations where material may be place without the necessity of grading preparatory work
  •  Material to be placed only on a slope of 2:1 or flatter
  •  Material will be delivered to the front curb of the property
  •  Property owner must place all delivered material in the area of erosion within 2 weeks of delivery
  •  Concurrence of adjoining property owners must be secured regarding the proposed creek bank work
  •  The maximum amount of delivered material shall be 0.5 tons per linear foot of lot line where erosion is prevalent
  •  Material shall be provided on a secondary priority in areas where grading is required to provide a 2:1 slope
  •  Material will not be provided for the repair of erosion which results from storm water runoff from private property

Program Application