250th Anniversary Celebration

 2019 is an exciting year for the City of Saint Charles as we celebrate our Sestercentennial! Outlined below are a few of the special events and activities we have planned throughout the year. We hope to celebrate with you!

In commemoration of the 250th anniversary of the establishment of the City of Saint Charles,  artist Gary Lucy was commissioned  to complete a painting depicting the important moment in history when Lewis and Clarks’  La Vigilante made its way from New Orleans.  Lucy feels the creation of this work will serve as a valid, educational interpretation of the late 18th century inland waterways heritage. “There’s a unique exchange between this and Lewis and Clark,” said Lucy. One of the first pieces of research Lucy used to begin this project was a drawing done by William Clark of the original design of La Vigilante.  “I don’t think people realize all the research that goes into a piece like this,” said Lucy.   Clark’s drawing, produced in New Orleans, is the only known drawing of the Spanish Galley.   “As you can see, the Lewis and Clark keelboat is a smaller version of La Vigilante,” said Lucy.  “Many believe the keelboat design could have been influenced by the Spanish vessel.”               

 Thank you to the generous donors who have made this project possible:  Streets of St. Charles, Millstone Foundation, Drury Hotels, Embassy Suites and Thomas Realty.

Seaman The Dog

Also throughout 2019, beginning April 1, you will begin to see statues of Lewis and Clark's famous Dog, Seaman, all around town.    Click here to see a map of the locations.  These three-foot tall depictions of the famous Newfoundland will be on display at various locations throughout the City for everyone to visit and take their photo by.   If you aren't familiar with Seaman, he was thought to have been purchased by Meriwether Lewis for $20 while he was in Pittsburgh waiting for the completion of the boats that would be taken on their journey. There is no record as to why

Lewis selected a Newfoundland—whether it was simply a dog that caught his attention or whether he selected Seaman because the breed is known for being smart and strong with good swimming ability.  Either way, we are excited to welcome Seaman around the City as part of our celebration.  Stay tuned to this webpage for details on where you can find the statues.

While you are out and about visiting Seaman, be sure to join in on our "Flat Lewis and Clark" adventure.  Print out and color your very own "Flat Lewis and Clark"  and take them along on your adventures in 2019.  Be sure to snap photos with them along the way and share them on our social media with #stc250. 

Click here to print your Flat Lewis and Clark. 

Saint Charles, an Adventure 250 Years in the Making
Saturday, May 18 from 11am to 6pm

Sunday, May 19 from Noon to 5pm

Historic Main Street and Frontier Park will take you back in time when you…Explore our history with a Stroll Down Memory Lane, featuring large scale photo back drops that feature the people, places, and moments in time.
Immerse yourself in Living History, by rubbing elbows with Mary Sibley, St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, Archer Alexander, Louis Blanchette, and other key figures and groups that played a part in the past 250 years.
And discover a Tale of Three Cities, historic demonstrators, catch an old-fashioned baseball game, and more!

We love a Parade!

Saturday, May 18 at 10am
Join us for a celebration of every decade!

*parade route: Bales Park, South on N. Main, Right on Tecumseh, Left on N. Second, Left on Clark, Right on N. Main