Skinner Industrial Drive Trunkmain Replacement & Intersection Improvements

Impacted Ward: 8

Contractor: XL Contracting

Project Description

The project is located along Skinner Industrial Drive at New Town Blvd. The existing 27-inch asphalt-lined corrugated metal pipe from the outlet of the Sandfort Creek force main to the 42-inch trunkmain at New Town Blvd is in poor condition and in need of replacement. The project will replace approximately 2,150 linear feet of sanitary trunk sewer.

Design of the realignment of Skinner Industrial Drive at New Town Blvd to Mueller Road was added to the project. This will help to alleviate congestion at the Mueller Road signal due to truck traffic entering Skinner Industrial Drive.

Virtual Road Show

The project will replace a deteriorated and failing sanitary sewer pipe and will help improve traffic flow at the intersection of New Town Boulevard and Mueller Road. Almost all work can be done without impacting traffic and during the main construction, at least one lane of traffic will be maintained at all times. 

Learn more through our Virtual Road Show video: 

Project Location

Skinner Industrial Drive at New Town Boulevard.
Location Map

Project Manager

Todd Strong
Project Manager
(636) 949-3594 

Project Activities

  • All utilities have now been cleared. Contractors have begun clearing out the creek bank and box culvert. They will begin excavating for the relocated 8" water line. 
  • As of May 2020, the contractor is working on constructing the box culvert. They are also potholing to locate existing water and sewer lines. 
  • As of June 2020, the new 8 foot water main is in service with the exception of new fire hydrants. The old water main has been removed and crews have finished the installation of the box culvert. Workers have begun to fill the box culvert area in order to make way for the new roadway.
  • As of September 2020, the wing walls of the box culvert have been installed. Construction workers are beginning to grade for the new road over the box culvert. They are now excavating and placing rock lining at the bottom of the creek nearby. 
  • As of October 2020, construction workers have begun paving for the new road. To keep traffic from driving off the box culvert, they've begun construction on a concrete and steel barrier wall. Workers have begun work on the new traffic signals. 
  • As of November 2020, the traffic signals are up and running, the barrier wall has been poured, and the pavement has been worked. The roadway will open during the week of November 16th. Afterwards, construction workers will continue work on the sanitary sewer and will pour the second half of the MC Freights entrance.