Skinner Industrial Sanitary Replacement

Impacted Ward - 8

Project Description:

The project is located along Skinner Industrial Drive at New Town Blvd. The existing 27-inch asphalt-lined corrugated metal pipe from the outlet of the Sandfort Creek force main to the 42-inch trunkmain at New Town Blvd is in poor condition and in need of replacement. The project will replace approximately 2,150 linear feet of sanitary trunk sewer.

Project Location:

Location Map

Project Manager:

Kierstyn Lorince

Project Activities:

  • Project Charter approved March 2019
  • Expressions of Interest received from 14 engineering firms in March 2019
    • Crawford, Murphy & Tilly (CMT) was selected to perform engineering design services
  • CMT provided alternative alignment options in a report to the City in August 2019
  • An alternative was selected for design of the new sanitary sewer
  • Design of the realignment of Skinner Industrial Drive at New Town Blvd to Mueller Road was added to the project – This will help to alleviate congestion at the Mueller Road signal due to truck traffic entering Skinner Industrial Drive