Perry Street Storm Sewers

Impacted Wards: 2

Contractor: Pace Construction Co.

Project Description

Several homes are subject to frequent flooding due to an undersized and substandard storm sewer along Perry Street and 2nd Street, located within the Saint Charles Historic District. The purpose of the project is to replace undersized storm sewers along Perry Street from 3rd Street to 2nd Street, along 2nd Street between Perry and McDonough, and along Water Street from 2nd Street to the outfall(s) at Blanchette Creek. The existing storm sewer pipes range in size from 12 inches to 48 inches, with parallel storm sewers in some areas.

The City’s records and mapping do not clearly define the locations of the existing storm sewer pipes and outfalls; therefor, the project will require investigation of the existing storm sewer network in the area by means of survey, dye testing, camera inspection, etc. The design consultant will also evaluate the watershed to determine storm sewer capacity requirements and will be responsible for determining pipe sizes, inlet spacing, routing and final design of the stormwater conveyance system. The design will include utility coordination, permitting, and alternatives analysis that could include a combination of upsizing the existing system, rerouting flow, runoff reduction, and alternative construction methods to minimize impacts to the Saint Charles Historic District, Main Street, and Frontier Park.

Temporary lane closures on Perry and 2nd Street are expected during this construction. 

Virtual Public Meeting

With the passage of the Proposition P ½ cent Parks and Storm Water Sales Tax in 2016, several storm water projects were prioritized across the City. The Perry Street Storm Sewer Improvements were identified in the City’s Stormwater Master Plan in 2017. The purpose of the project is to alleviate street and property flooding due to an inadequate storm sewer system.

Learn about the limits of the projects, projected improvements, and the construction schedule going forward in the video below. 

Project Location

Perry Street from 3rd Street to 2nd Street;
2nd Street between Perry Street and McDonough Street;
Water Street from 2nd Street to the outfall(s) at Blanchette Park
Location Map

Contact Information

James Gremaud
Assistant City Engineer

Project Activities

  • Project Charter approved May 2019. Field investigations completed and preliminary design plans were approved in February 2020. All easements needed for construction have been acquired. 
  • Construction has begun near the Katy Trail near Riverside Drive. CLICK HERE for a map of the expected construction and closures for these trails. 
  • Construction continues beneath Water Street, 2nd Street, and Perry Street throughout Spring Some closures and detours will occur on those streets. 
  • Surveyors will be collecting existing roadway and property boundaries beginning March 28, 2022. See above for the Survey Notification. 
  • Asphalt paving will begin on Friday, April 15th. Depending on weather, this work should be completed by the end of next week. 
  • Project completion is expected Spring of 2022.

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