Zumbehl Road Culvert Replacement

Impacted Ward 6

Project Description:

Located just north of Regency Parkway, Cole Creek passes beneath Zumbehl Road through four 13-foot diameter corrugated galvanized steel pipes. The existing culverts, classified as a bridge due to their total effective span, were identified as structurally deficient in the MoDOT 2018 Bridge Inventory Structure Inspection Report. Despite recent efforts by the City to temporarily preserve the culverts’ condition, significant rusting, deformation and near 100% flow line section loss on major portions of the culverts contribute to the structurally deficient rating.

The existing culvert’s length limits future traffic flow or multi-modal improvements to Zumbehl Road. Guardrails and chain link fencing are currently required on both sides of the road due to the short culvert length and steep drop offs. The new culvert is expected to be a four-cell 12’W x 13’H reinforced concrete box culvert approximately 180’ in length, exclusive of wing-wall end treatments. The design consultant will be responsible for determining the actual size and configuration of the culvert.

The project includes a new 10-foot wide shared use path on the east side and 5-foot wide concrete sidewalk on the west side, pedestrian fencing, and reconstruction of the concrete pavement over the culvert. Construction will impact existing utilities including fiber, storm sewer, and 8” water main, which will likely need to be removed and replaced to accommodate installation of the new culvert. Additionally, design will include construction sequencing, traffic control, and detour routes that minimize traffic interruptions and allows uninterrupted access to all adjacent properties. At least one lane of traffic in each direction will need to be maintained during construction.

Project Location:   Zumbehl Road over Cole Creek

Contact Information:

 Kierstyn Lorince, P.E., ENV SP
Project Manager
Department of Engineering

Project Activities
  • Applied for Saint Charles County Road Board funds in May, 2018
  • County Road Board funding agreement executed in December, 2018
  • Applied for Surface Transportation Block Grant Program Federal funds in June, 2018
  • Surface Transportation Program agreement with Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission to provide federal funding executed in August, 2019
  • Project Charter Approved in October, 2019
  • Proposals were received from 6 design firms in November 2019
  • George Butler Associates (GBA) was selected to perform design engineering services