Spring Mill Estates Water Quality

Impacted Ward: 5

Project Description

The existing detention basin within the Spring Mill Estates subdivision lies at the confluence of 2 upstream branches of Cole Creek. In recent years, sediment transported by the creeks has settled out in the detention basin, causing parts of the basin to fill in. The purpose of the project is to construct water quality basins upstream of the detention basin to allow sediment to settle there, where it can be removed on a regular basis, improving the water quality in the detention basin and in downstream Cole Creek.

Project Location

Cole Creek near Spring Mill Estates Drive and Spring Mill Creek
Location Map

Contact Information

Kierstyn Lorince
Project Manager

Project Activities

  • Bax Engineering was contracted in Oct. 2019 to perform the engineering design services. The project was presented at the December 2019 Spring Mill Estates Homeowner’s Association Meeting.
  • Field survey was completed March 2020. Preliminary design is underway.
  • Soil borings and sampling are planned to begin early July 2020. This will determine the strength of the soil.