Frenchtown & Elm Point Levee Studies

Impacted Wards: 1 & 8

Designer: Reitz & Jens, Inc.


Project Description

The City is committed to protecting properties within the City from river flooding and creating new opportunities for growth and economic development. The purpose of the project is to evaluate flood protection options for two areas within the City. The studies will present alternatives for protecting the areas identified from the 500-year flood event per U.S. Army Corps of Engineers standards, a recommended alternative, and an estimate of construction, certification and maintenance costs for the recommended alternative for use in future planning and budgeting. The reports will also include: evaluation of and recommendations for internal drainage systems; identification of potential funding sources; USACE approval of the concept plan; an outline of future tasks and schedule of construction; permitting and certification requirements; evaluation of economic impact; and coordination with utilities and other stakeholders.

Project Location

Frenchtown area along Missouri River between Clark Street and MO-370;
Elm Point along Mississippi River near MO-370 between Harry S. Truman Blvd and Elm Street
Location Map - Frenchtown
Location Map - Elm Point

Contact Information

Kierstyn Lorince
Project Manager

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Project Activities

  • Project Charter approved February 2020. Data gathering began April 2020. A draft report of the study was submitted in December 2020. 
  • Frenchtown area soil borings are complete. This is to determine the strength of the soil. They are using this information to provide recommendations for flood protection (see Frenchtown Drilling Plan above).