Bridle Spur Culvert Replacement Project

Impacted Wards: 5

Contractor: Gershenson Construction Co.

Project Description

This project is to repair or rehabilitate the existing Bridle Spur Culvert which is at the risk of collapse. The existing metal culvert pipe under Bridle Spur Lane south of Maple Tree Drive at Hackmann Estates Subdivision has deteriorated and is in need of improvements. The culvert has upstream flooding due to lack of sufficient drainage. The existing pipe was damaged in 2011 during a heavy rain event and an emergency repair was done with grouted riprap. This project will remove, replace and rehabilitate the deteriorated culvert between Apple Blossom Lane and Maple Tree Drive from Bridle Spur Lane to the open channel.

Project Location

Culvert along Bridle Spur between Maple Tree St. and Apple Blossom Ln


  • New, larger concrete pipes will be constructed to replace deteriorated ones.
  • Overflow structure will be added to allow upstream area to drain. 
  • Metal storm sewer pipes that run through backyards between Maple Tree Drive and Apple Blossom Lane will be rehabilitated by installing a structural pipe liner. Trenchless methods will be used to minimize construction disturbance to property owners.

Bridle Spur between Maple Tree Drive and Apple Blossom Lane will be temporarily closed for construction. Detours will be established (see Detour Exhibit below).

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Contact Location

Jonathan Swagman
Project Manager

Project Activities

  • Construction is expected to begin Summer 2021 and will be completed in Fall 2021. 
Existing culvert
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