West Clay Rehabilitation

The Purpose

The goal of the West Clay Rehabilitation project is to do a complete overhaul of West Clay Street from Duchesne to west of First Capitol Drive. The project will help to improve traffic as well as the overall facade of the street. Click HERE for more information and further updates on the West Clay project. 


  • Pavement reconstruction and re-alignment
  • Storm sewer reconstruction, a new 12" water main, as well as moving overhead utilities underground.
  • A new ADA-accessible 8" wide shared-use path will be added on the north side of West Clay as well as a new sidewalk on the south. 
  • The redundant Chargene St. traffic signal will be eliminated to improve traffic flow. 
  • A new road connection from Chargene Street to Oakleaf Drive will be added which will allow access to West Clay from Oakleaf and New Droste. 

This project began construction in March 2019. The first phase was to relocate and underground utilities, which is now complete. Pavement construction will be completed by late Fall 2020. 

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Contact Information

Coralie Steuber
Construction Inspector
Department of Enginnering

16-10-29 - Street View Exhibit