Lincoln Elementary Sidewalks & 7th to Boone's Lick Storm Sewer

The Purpose

With the passage of the Proposition P in 2016, several stormwater projects were prioritized across the City. The 7th to Boone’s Lick Storm Sewer project is meant to address street and property flooding due to an undersized and substandard storm sewer system in that area. 

The purpose of the Lincoln Elementary Safe Routes to School project is to construct new sidewalks where they do not currently exist. This will provide safe pedestrian travel and improve the connectivity between surrounding neighborhoods and the school. During construction, temporary closures at 7th and Perry Street are expected (one lane of traffic will be maintained) and access to driveways may be temporarily restricted. 


  • The new, larger storm sewer pipes and drain inlets will collect more stormwater runoff. 
  • New Lincoln Elementary sidewalks will be 5-6 ft wide with ADA compliant curb ramps. Curbs will be extended to calm traffic and new crosswalk striping will be placed at intersections. 

These two projects will be under construction at the same time. Plans have been completed for both of these projects and construction is expected to begin summer of 2020 and completed spring of 2021. 

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Contact Information

Jonathan Swagman
Project Manager
Department of Engineering