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Little Hills Mel Wetter Roundabout

Impacted Ward: 1

Designer: Horner and Shifrin

Project Description

The Mel Wetter and MO 370 Interchange Study has identified the intersection of Mel Wetter Parkway and Little Hills Expressway to have significant traffic delays and experiencing an increase traffic volume due to new developments. After a detail evaluation, a roundabout at Mel Wetter Parkway and Little Hills Expressway was the preferred alternative.

The new roundabout will improve traffic flow, safety, and reduce emissions at the intersection. The traffic flow through the roundabout is more efficient and allows vehicles to continuously maneuver through the intersection without stopping. This will greatly reduce the amount of emissions from idling vehicles. The roundabout will be designed to accommodate the forecasted 2040 traffic volumes and improve the overall level of service at the intersection. Roundabouts are designed to improve safety for all users, including pedestrians and bicyclists, by reducing speed of traffic and reducing the angle of conflict. As an extra benefit, the maintenance and utility cost of the roundabout is lower than the maintenance and utility cost for a traditional signalized intersection.

The City of Saint Charles has received CMAQ and County funds for the design and construction of the roundabout at Mel Wetter Parkway and Little Hill Expressway. The roundabout will be constructed within existing City Right-of-Way. The roundabout will be designed and constructed to accommodate future MO 370 ramps and connection to the north collector distributor C-D road. The funding, design, and construction of the C-D roadway system, additional ramps, and interchange improvements will be further discussed with MoDOT and will be a future project. The roundabout will also incorporate modifications to the Boschert Trail and Bike Crossing on Little Hills Pkwy.

As part of this project, the City will fund the design and construction of new water mains. The consultant will be responsible for designing a new 12” water main extension along Little Hills Expy connecting to the existing 10” water main at 3rd St/MO 94 and connections to the side streets. 

View the video below to learn more about this project.

Project Location

The Little Hills Expressway and Mel Wetter Parkway intersection

Contact Information

Aaron Prater
Construction Inspector

Project Activities:

  • Construction on this project began in May 2022. 
  • Possible closings along Little Hills Boulevard at Little Hills Expressway are expected in June 2022. 
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