Boone's Lick Storm Sewer Improvements

Impacted Ward: 2 & 9

Designer: Horner and Shifrin

Project Description

Properties along Boones Lick Road experience frequent flooding at 6th Street and between 2nd St and Riverside Dr. The flooding issues are mainly due to overland flow and undersized/sub-standard storm system. The project will examine the flooding issues with the existing watershed and evaluate the existing stormwater structures capacities. Using this data, the design consultant will design the necessary stormwater improvements to resolve the flooding issues. Other current/planned stormwater projects outside this project will need to be considered to help in designing the stormwater improvements. Creek bank stabilization further upstream or downstream of the limits described could be included with this project but should be evaluated first. This project was identified in the Comprehensive Stormwater Master Plan developed for Prop P.

Project Location

Along Boone's Lick Road west of 5th Street and near 2nd and Main Street area. 

Contact Information

Matt Seggerman, PE
Project Manager

Project Activities:

  • Currently collecting survey data. 
  • Construction estimated to start the beginning of the year 2022.