Riverside Sanitary Trunkmain Replacement

Impacted Wards - 1 & 2

Design Consultant: CMT

Project Description

The existing sanitary trunk main along Riverside Drive from the Adams Street Lift Station to Boone’s Lick Road is deteriorating and has inadequate capacity. The project was identified in the 2018 Hydraulic Modeling and System Analysis Report for the Missouri River Sewer Trunk Main by HDR. Approximately 3,800 feet of 24-30” sanitary trunk main will be replaced with new 36” pipe.

A new lift station with 18” force main and 36” sanitary sewer are currently under construction at the RIVERPOINTE development site near Old South River Road. Therefore, it is expected that the existing trunkmain between Boone’s Lick Road and I-70/RIVERPOINTE (approximately 3,100 feet) will need to be replaced or rehabilitated. This section will be evaluated to determine the improvements needed.

Project Location

Riverside Drive between Adams Street and Boone’s Lick Road, S Main Street between Boone’s Lick Road and I-70 
See attached map

Project Activities

  • Project Charter approved December 2020.
  • Design underway. Surveyors began collecting data on existing sewers on April 19th. Evaluating alternatives for improvements.