Boschert Creek Bank Stabilization btw Kingshighway and Pine

Impacted Wards: 7

Contractor: Fischer Grading

Project Description

A reach of Boschert Creek between Kingshighway and Pine was identified as actively downcutting and widening. The bank erosion is encroaching on residential properties and has exposed a section of sanitary sewer crossings. Several bank sections have been reinforced with gabion baskets or block walls. The project includes construction of in-stream grade controls and two retaining walls, as well as slope grading and protection using native plants and rock.

Project Location

Boschert Creek Bank Stabilization from Kingshighway Ave to Pine
Location Map

Contact Information

Dave Bauman
Project Manager; Construction

Project Activities

  • Tree clearing is complete. Construction crews continue work on the sanitary sewer replacement.
  • Excavation of the creek bank is in progress. They will install a rock slope that will have trees and other vegetation planted on it. 
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