Virtual Road Show (2021)

The Departments of Engineering & Public Works have implemented a Virtual Road Show for City of Saint Charles construction projects in 2021! Learn about the following projects below through videos with our Engineering and Public Works project managers. Virtual handouts are provided, with pictures, displaying information regarding several current and upcoming projects for the City of Saint Charles. 

  1. Bridle Spur Culvert
  2. Duchesne & Hawthorn Culvert
  3. Little Hills & Mel Wetter Roundabout
  4. Long Range Transportation Plan
  5. Perry Street Storm Sewer Improvements
  6. Riverpointe Development
  7. Zumbehl Culvert
  8. 2021 Public Works Pavement Plan

Take the 2021 Virtual Road Show Survey

  • Once you’ve gone through our Virtual Road Show, be sure to take our survey and provide feedback or any other comments you have on any projects listed. Call the Engineering Department at (636) 949-3237 or Public Works at (636) 949-3363 for questions.
  • Please take our survey here or see below.
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