Duchesne & Hawthorn Culvert Replacements

The Purpose

The Duchesne & Hawthorn Culvert Replacements were identified in the City’s Long Range Stormwater Plan in 2016, with the goal of reducing the risk of property flooding caused by undersized culvert crossings on Boschert Creek. 


Duchesne Drive between Park Avenue and Westminister Drive
Hawthorn Avenue between Park Avenue and Cherry Lane


  • Box culverts will be replaced to help with back up during heavy rain. 
  • New retaining walls will be constructed. Roadway elevation at Hawthorn Avenue will be raised slightly. 
  • Sanitary sewer and water main will be replaced. 
  • New 6-foot wide sidewalks added to both sides 


Project is still in planning stages. Construction is expected to start Spring of 2022.

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Contact Information

Kierstyn Lorince
Project Manager
Department of Engineering