Little Hills & Mel Wetter Roundabout

The Purpose

An intersection study of Little Hills and Mel Wetter recognized the intersection to have major traffic delays due to the increasing traffic from the new development. The City received Federal and County Government funding which will pay for 75% of the project. 


The roundabout will improve traffic flow, reduce crashes, and decrease emission levels compared to an all-way stop control or signalized intersection. It is deisnged for 2040 traffic volume and will be 60% larger than the roundabout at 3rd and Tecumseh. 

Modifications to Boschert Greenway will also be made. Crosswalks will be on the outside of roundabout where crossers will only cross one lane at a time. 

A new 12 inch water main will be constructed along Little Hills and connect to existing water main at 94. 


Construction is expected to begin in June 2021.

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Contact Information

Matt Seggerman
Project Manager
Department of Engineering