Riverpointe Development


Comprising of 1.6 miles, and 25% of the City's total riverfront, the Bangert Island area is vitally important to the City's growth economically, ecologically, and recreationally. When complete, the project is expected to generate 4,000 new jobs, create a $1.5 billion economic impact, and increase access to recreational opportunities. 


  • With the help of environmental scientists, the City has mapped all wetlands within the project area, investigated for endangered species, and researched for historic significance on the site. The City was able to reduce the wetlands impact to 15 acres. 
    • The island, park, and slough will not be developed and will remain undisturbed. 
    • The project will not disturb historic artifacts or steamboats. 
  • City concluded investigations regarding flooding concerns: 
    • Development will be elevated above the 500-year flood level. Flood modeling showed this project would not cause any increase in flooding on Main Street, Frontier Park, Family Arena, or other nearby attractions. 
  • Buildings in this area have been demolished and all necessary trees have been cleared. 
    • This work will help relocate and raise the Katy Trail which will have many benefits (reducing times when trail is closed for flooding, increased park access to Bangert Island, native planting around new trail, and more).
  • Construction workers are installing new storm sewers, sanitary sewer pipes, and other pieces of infrastructure along South Main and Arena Parkway to make the site developable.

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Contact Information

Daniel Mann
Project Manager
Department of Engineering