2021 Public Works Pavement Plan

The Purpose

One of the responsibilities of the Public Works Department is the maintenance of the City's streets and roadways. The City allocates a certain amount of capital improvement funding each year for maintenance and repair of the City's concrete and asphalt pavements.


Various types of projects and applications are aimed at preserving and maintaining the streets in the City. 

  • Concrete Pavement projects replace falling concrete street slabs on City roadways. 
  • Crack Sealing projects fill joints on streets to prevent water intrusion and prolong road life. 
  • Asphalt Paving projects grind off layers of asphalt pavement and replaces with new asphalt. 
  • Asphalt Microsurfacing projects apply a new one-quarter inch thick pavement surface to asphalt streets. 
  • ASphalt HDMB projects apply liquid surface sealer to help preserve younger asphalt. 

During Pavement Maintenance operations, residents can expect daily lane or road closures. The City and its contactor will notify affected residents prior to work.

For more information on the Public Works Pavement Preservation Plan, visit the Public Works Department's website

Contact Information

Tim Rohrbacker
Project Manager; Department of Public Works

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