What is the 19th Century Test?
The 19th Century Test is a simple method of judging appropriateness for exterior display. The 19th Century Test (1800-1899) allows a generous array of choices for benches, planters, colors, materials, decorations and themes that are appropriate for our Historic District. The 19th Century Test would limit, among other things, some lighting, some fencing and seating, etc. One simple example of inappropriateness would be plastic. Obviously, any items made of plastic would not pass the 19th Century Test.

The goal of the 19th Century Test is to enhance the district by avoiding the display of anything contemporary.

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1. What purpose do these guidelines serve?
2. How is appropriateness judged?
3. Who will judge the appropriateness?
4. What is the 19th Century Test?
5. What about advertising devices and sidewalk merchandising?
6. Where do I go for information if I am in doubt about what I’m doing or thinking of doing in regard to outside display?