What about advertising devices and sidewalk merchandising?
Advertising devices and sidewalk merchandising is strongly discouraged and is in some cases specifically prohibited by St. Charles city ordinances. Each property owner and merchant should acquaint themselves with these city laws. Beyond the limits of city ordinances, the primary purpose of this guideline is to establish a simple self-policing process that will avoid the likelihood of a city prohibition of exterior display. Successful self-policing will allow us to avoid the process of appeals, presentations, petitions, and the expense of permits or the frustration of denials.

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1. What purpose do these guidelines serve?
2. How is appropriateness judged?
3. Who will judge the appropriateness?
4. What is the 19th Century Test?
5. What about advertising devices and sidewalk merchandising?
6. Where do I go for information if I am in doubt about what I’m doing or thinking of doing in regard to outside display?